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Delivering “value-add” is probably the most over used phrase in the IT industry, with a limited number of suppliers truly practicing what they preach.

David and Daniel Merlino founded I.T. Solutions & Services in 2004 with the passion to distinguish itself as a professional services organisation specialising in IT Infrastructure management and delivering real value to its customers.

Today with prestigious client recommendations and a demonstrable track record of over-achievement against customer expectations, I.T. Solutions & Services has distinguished itself as one of the Riverina's fastest growing provider of Infrastructure Management services.

Our philosophy is based around understanding business requirements, their integration with IT deliverables, and the pragmatic application of best-of-breed methods, tools and expertise for successful solutions delivery.

I.T. Solutions & Services definition of real “value-add” is based on the need to deliver operational excellence, ensure continuous performance and create business value for its customers. We take pride and ownership in “getting the job done and doing it right!”

I.T. Solutions & Services is gaining a reputation for attracting and retaining the best professionals in the IT industry. Our consultants are our greatest assets and differentiator. With a wealth of skills, knowledge and pragmatic implementation experience, I.T. Solutions & Services service delivery model deploys the necessary skills to rapidly resolve customer issues.

Our model is designed to deliver a high quality service without a high quality price tag. Our flexibility, agility and holistic approach to the customer offers a dedicated enhancement to IT operations and negates the need to employ transient, non-committed subcontracted resource, often inappropriate in today’s competitive climate.

Our ethos is to deliver continued excellence and a highly professional service at all times. Quality not quantity is our preferred approach. We would rather demonstrate quantifiable and sustained values to fifty clients than, say, manage three hundred with mediocrity.

We help ensure that a business is free to focus on its customer-centric activities and apply its infrastructure for maintaining its competitive edge. Empathy towards our customers, trust, investment in our staff and a passion for our convictions assures I.T. Solutions & Services success and, more importantly, the success of our client’s business.




Core Values


The three fundamental core values inherent in I.T. Solutions & Services are:








We believe our work culture inspires our clients and employees to rise to the challenges of today’s competitive climate in order to make courageous and difficult decisions.

Inspiration leads to innovation within the enterprise. This promotes a business-aware and success-oriented culture, essential for establishing an open, honest, and productive working environment.

Our integrity has been demonstrated to our clients who, over the years, value us as a trusted advisor to their business. This has enabled I.T. Solutions & Services to share innovative ideas with our clients and facilitate a competitive edge for their operation.


Other I.T. Solutions & Services characteristics and values, as described by our clients are:


Pursuit of Excellence


Positive hard working attitude


Objective attention to detail


Value for money


Quality of service


Willingness to transfer knowledge


Vision with pragmatic delivery


Problem ownership


Zero tolerance for mediocrity


Customer commitment

We set ourselves high standards, which we aspire to meet every minute of every working day. Our passion for customer satisfaction is our reward and our driver for success.




I.T. Solutions & Services offer 27 years of combined experience to the Riverina.


I.T. Solutions & Services offer complete business systems solutions through a variety of areas, also offering new technology solutions to their existing clients, conducting their business in a friendly, professional manner and aim to get the job done right, first time.


Located at 4 Jones Street, Wagga Wagga NSW. I.T. Solutions & Services offer a wide range of services to the Riverina including, accounting solutions, networking maintenance and support, network design and consulting and training.





I.T. Solutions & Services are also an Authorised Service Centre for IBM, LEXMARK and EPSON computers and printers.


I.T. Solutions & Services pride themselves on being at the forefront of I.T. solutions technology with the knowledge and experience to keep up with today’s fast growing technology.


Clients can call into I.T. Solutions & Services and know that the service and support they will receive will be professional and suited to their business needs. They are also only one call away.


Why not visit or contact I.T. Solutions & Services today and ask their friendly and experienced staff to help your business?



Contact the team at I.T. Solutions & Services on

Ph: 02 6933 5333 or email:



What does technology mean to I.T. Solutions & Services?


We recognise that technology is critical to the success and profitability of an entire organisation, this will allow efficient functioning of business systems.





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