Utilities and Downloads    




   Adobe Reader  

Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3  - 27MB

Adobe Acrobat Reader X  - 47MB



   Adobe AIR       Adobe Air 1.0  - 11.2MB



    shockwave logo     Shockwave Player  - 5.43MB



   java.com   Java 6 Update 3  - 13.9MB



    Download WinZip         WinZip 11 - 7.35MB or WinZip 9.0 - 2.32MB




  Download QuickTime        QuickTime 7.4.1 - 22.2MB







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Download the updates for your computer or laptop from the Microsoft Update Web site now.

NOTE: Please review the FAQ on the site to see whether updates for your versions of Windows, Word, PowerPoint, or Internet Explorer are available on Microsoft Update. If they are not, go to Windows Update or Office Update.





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