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Managed Services  - Network Maintenance and Support

What is Managed Services ?

Managed Services is the easiest and most cost effective way to ensure regular on-going PC and Network support and maintenance.

Managed Services offers both Proactive and Reactive services assuring you of timely support when you need it.


Who should use Managed Services ?

Managed Services has been developed specially for small companies who rely on their computer systems, but want cost effective and flexible support.


What are the main benefits of Managed Services  ?

Increase System Performance, Reliability & Security.
Clearly defined IT budget.
Easy to budget, pay monthly
Proactive management and quality technical support.
Comprehensive maintenance program.
Cost effective alternative to employing a full time IT professional.
Rapid Response On-site / Telephone Support Service.
Discounted Hourly Rates.
Travelling Time Included.
Customised Site Documentation Kit.
Qualified engineers.

Scheduled network maintenance program
Consistent support with your own personal engineer


The program includes:

Site inspection & reporting.
Scheduled preventative maintenance.
Network administration & documentation.
On-site user support.
Remote support.
Rapid response emergency call out.
Monthly network status report.

By concentrating on 5 key areas, our comprehensive network support program leaves no area of your network neglected:

Network Management.

We produce a schedule for required network maintenance tasks which may be carried out on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual basis. General administration, desktop support and emergency call outs are also included.

Our annual network support service is easy to use, budget and track. One service now covers both proactive and reactive support of your network for the whole year.

Billing is offered monthly, and you receive a regular monthly report highlighting work carried out, problem areas requiring attention and general condition of the network.

How is Managed Services used ?

Based on a 12 month agreement, Managed Services is made up of both scheduled Proactive network maintenance and Reactive services available for on-site, remote dial-in and telephone support when you need it.



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